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B5 Fuel Filter Replacement


contributed by: jakecro [ww] |


I heard previously on a forum (read: take with a grain of salt) that the filter needed to be changed every 15k. If that was the case then my car would have quit running awhile before I changed for the first time at 165k. 

 Fuel Filter 441-201-511-C

There is another thread in this forum highlighting this exact topic. Also, I believe there is a write-up in the AudiWorld Tech section. That being said, there are only a few simple steps to complete the task.

1. pull fuse for fuel pump
2. turn key to "on" so pump will pressurize and clear most of the fuel in the line
3. get under car (in front of pass. rear tire) 



4. remove banjo bolt on bottom of filter (watch eyes fuel may spray)
5. spray PB Blaster or WD-40 on sides of filter can (near top) making sure that it is running behind the plastic strap
6. turn filter side to side while prying plastic tab so filter will move past it 

**You could also remove the fuel pump access cover in the trunk to have some access to the top of the filter for somebody else to push while you pull.

I didn't see any need to loosen the bolt on the strap or adjust the fuel tank as others have mentioned.


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