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B5 A4|S4 DIY Home

Auxiliary Fan Removal w/o removing bumper

Auxiliary Fan Supplement

Boost Gauge Install

Bose Tips

Child Seat Bracket Installation

Coilover Suspension Installation

Crank Seal Replacement

CV Boot Replacement

EGT Sensor Replacement (DS, early '01 Tip)

Electric Fan Kit (EFK) Install

Engine Removal 2.7t

Engine Removal 2.7t (.pdf)


Flasher Relay

Fuel Filter

Fuel Pump - RS4 pump Install Tips

Front Control Arm Install

Front Brake Pad Replacement

Headliner Removal

HID Alignment

HID Upgrade - 55w Kit

Intercooler - ER Kit Install

Rear License Plate Repair 

Removable Front Plate

Secondary Air Injection Pump Rebuild

Secondary Coolant Pump Replacement w/o Removing Intake Manifold

Sticky A/C Button Fix 

B5 S4 Timing Belt install

2.7T Timing Belt Replacement

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement 1

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement 2

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement Supplement

VAST Oil Cooler Kit Install 


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